Who are we?

“We love beautiful places and beautiful things and above all, we love to share them!

Following our studies in Applied Foreign Languages ​​and several long stays abroad, we made the choice in 2002 to settle in Lozère, start a family and work there. "

In 2011, after several professional experiences in Lozère, Agnès reopens the Moulin de Cénaret founded in 1981 by her father. Anthony joined her in this activity in 2017.

“We are very attached to our region, for its natural, landscape and human riches where we have an exceptional quality of life. "

"In 1979, my parents bought an old ruined mill. It’s been a derelict place for decades. The village elders do not remember having seen him other than being invaded by brambles.
My parents started work, raised the building to make it a house, and my father designed the mill to open it to the public. From 1981 to 1996, my father exhibited handcrafted creations and productions from here and elsewhere. Automatic line feed
In 2011, after upgrading to current standards and trends, I again open the Moulin de Cénaret to the public by honoring local creators. "