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Are you looking for original creations? Decorative items that you don’t see in everyone? Gift ideas out of the ordinary? Automatic line feed
The know-how of the creators we have selected will meet your expectations!
Small collections, unique pieces, made in France, a vast choice of beautiful things awaits you!

In our shop, we strive to work in collaboration with the creators. We look for them, we choose them and we strive to highlight their work. These are, for the vast majority of creators in the region. Some beginners and we give them a boost, others have more experience and appreciate the beautiful showcase that we offer.
We have a special relationship with each of them, we know them personally and have a solid culture of their manufacturing techniques. Whether it is pottery, woolen or delicacies, we have a perfect understanding of their work. In this way, we are able to be their spokespersons, to tell their story, their choices and the creative and manufacturing processes. This in-depth knowledge of each of them allows us to offer you the choice of a purchase that makes sense.