The unexpected shop

The Moulin de Cénaret is an atypical site, a beautiful place, located in the heart of the Gorges du Tarn. It combines an ancient building which was the witness of an ancestral milling activity and the works of contemporary creators. The place itself is an attraction. Inside, old stones and modernity coexist in a charming way, and highlight every aspect of the place.
The source that flows inside the mill is a real surprise, captivating and fascinating. This unexpected vision of the water flowing in a house raises questions and arouses curiosity. Once the surprise is over, you will be conquered by the beautiful things around you!

This unexpected setting often triggers strong reactions!
Depending on one’s sensitivity, this can range from surprise to contemplation.
Le Moulin de Cénaret is a beautiful place, with beautiful things inside. Here, people tend to slow down to appreciate the spirit of the place. Then, people start to realise they are in the heart of an exceptional territory, full of unexpected surprises. For we care about human relations, we take time to explain, talk and exchange views.

Join us and discover this territory and help us preserve it: through our exchanges and with our explanations, you will understand there is a whole world to discover and that even if only for a few days, you are a part of it too.

Beyond the postcard, a rich and lively territory is waiting for you.